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HydroPower Protection Program

Properly safeguarding hydropower resources today requires skill, creativity and vision. The insurance professionals at American Energy Insurance Services have over 18 years experience serving the industry

Obtaining the right coverage for your project can be a difficult and time consuming undertaking. Obtaining the wrong coverage can be fatal to your business. American Energy Insurance Services simplifies the process by working for you. To get started, we simply need basic information, which you can provide by completing the following online form:

Contact Name:

Fax: (925) 692-2199

For your convenience, we have made available two additional forms: A Calculation Template, to help you decide how much coverage you need and a Supplemental Application form you can use to gather all the information we need to provide your required coverages. You can view the forms on line, using the Adobe Acrobat Reader (a Free Download, from Adobe). From the Adobe "File" menu, you can choose to "Print"the forms, so you can fill them out and send them to us.

To learn more about our HYDROPOWER INSURANCE PROGRAM, please contact:

Scott D. Goodwin, National Program Administrator,
American Energy Insurance Services
Email: Scott D. Goodwin or telephone (925) 692-2198.

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